Chef D’ Table, Revisited

12 Oct

I wasn’t intending to blog about Chef D’ Table, given that I’ve blogged about them before, until I was devastated by the food they served me today.

Chef D’ Table used to serve the best focaccia breads around – warm, moist, fragrant, and slightly salty. Today, they screwed up so badly and served me hard focaccia. I could hear thud thud when I knocked my fingertips against the toasted bread.

Cold Salmon Roulade with Asoorted Olive Salsa and Port Wine Rasins Compote

Next came the award-winning dish of cold salmon. Not too sure how this managed to win awards, given that the salmon was on the bland side (coming from a person who doesn’t take salty food), and the fish wasn’t fresh – it reeked. In the chef’s defense, the salsa and compote was intriguing and rather delicious.

Roasted Orange Duck Leg With Sauteed Wild Mushroom and Asparagus

I don’t know what to make of this duck. It was stiff, and tasteless, except for the  orange cream sauce, which I found overwhelmingly sweet. The sauteed mushrooms and asparagus were great, but hey, that’s just a side.

Grilled Beef Loin Fillet with White Bean Puree and Parma Ham Chip

I believe beef loin fillets are a speciality of the chef. Beef loin fillets have never left the menu since the first time I came here a few years back. Over the years, the beef loin has evolved, started looking better and better, and came with more and more delicious sides. Although this isn’t one of the nicest looking beef loins Chef D’ Table has ever produced, the sides were delicious.

Disappointment number one: Ordered the beef to be done medium, but it came well. Ridiculous. The wait staff took it away unapologetically, and said matter-of-factly that the wait will be 7-10 minutes. In about 3 minutes, he came back and said that he gave us another table’s order, since it was already in the oven. Still no apology.

I guess the oven was the reason why the beef came overcooked. If the oven’s hot, how do you not overcook the beef? Anyway, this second dish came medium-well. I wasn’t allowed to kick up a fuss.

Anyway, about the white bean puree – so called – I’m pretty sure it wasn’t white bean puree. It tasted like potatoes. Mashed potatoes. But delicious.

Passion Fruit Panna Cotta

I found the panna cotta on the dense side, and lacking tastes of passion (fruit). The raspberry coulis and mango coulis were nice, as typical of Chef D’ Table.

Homemade Baked Cheesecake with Raspberry Coulis

Smooth and light, and a real delight to the friend. But being the picky cheesecake eater and baker I am, I didn’t like how the dessert chef decided to cut down on cheese cost by adding in flour.

I was actually hoping for a mille-feuille on the menu. The last time I came, that was really amazing. None for me this time 😦

My verdict: 1/5 spoonfuls. Disappointing meal with barely mediocre food, and terrible service. Used to be so much better, and worthy of high praise. No more, unfortunately.

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