3 Nov

Sometimes, craving strikes. I crave foie gras, duck confit, paired with chocolate and champagne at midnight. But is there ever a bad time to crave such delicacies?

I was introduced to Saveur by a good friend, who told me once about two Singaporean guys who graduated from culinary school, and decided to open a no-frills French eatery in a coffee shop in eastern Singapore – in Ali Baba Coffeeshop. The two chefs have since expanded and moved to Purvis Street, where they still continue to whip up no-frills French fare in quaint little shop houses.

Angel Hair Pasta with Minced Pork – s$3.90++

I love angel hair pasta when it’s not overcooked and tastes like mee sua. It is springy, and not a dish overladen with carbs. At Saveur, it was done perfectly. I was pretty shocked when the dish arrived, with twenty-something little dried shrimps sitting on top of my angel hair pasta. But it turned out wonderful, and nowhere near what I expected dried shrimp to taste like! What I could use was more of that minced pork white sauce, which was absolutely delicious. And hey, such good pasta for just $3.90?

Crispy Duck Confit with Orange Segments and Shittake – $9.90++

My friend was raving about the confit of duck at Saveur, so I thought I should give it a shot. Turns out, he was right. The portion was just right – a size I could finish after an entire portion of pasta. The duck was crispy on the outside and absolutely moist on the inside. It is a signature dish of Saveur, and yes, it absolutely lives up to its name, despite the slightly disappointing mash. I must say, this was the first duck confit I’ve ever finished on my own.

Initially, I had ordered a foie gras starter, because I was longing for that oily and creamy texture that stays in your mouth even after you’ve finished the dish. All too unfortunately, I was served a pathetic looking dish, of what they actually had the guts to call foie gras, and charge $9.90++. It was a deep brown, two inches long, one cm thick, looking all too sad that it had to come out of the body of a duck.  Thankfully, the waitstaff at Saveur were generous enough to retract the order.

Towards the end of my meal, I saw seared salmon being served to another customer, who happily tucked into the dish, and seemingly enjoyed it. Definitely a must try the next time! Oh,did I mention I was coming back?

My verdict: 5/5 spoonfuls

4 Responses to “Saveur”

  1. stargirl November 4, 2012 at 4:53 am #

    i liked the angel hair pasta and duck confit too! but my friends’ mains of chicken roulade, barramundi and pork belly came in miserable portions :/

  2. Seven Second Rhapsody December 2, 2012 at 4:20 pm #

    I’ve heard a lot about Saveur too, but I’m surprised that they serve creative dishes like mince pork and angel hair! And oh my, for that price!

    • guiltygoodness December 2, 2012 at 5:37 pm #

      Yeah! I thought it was really weird too…until I tried it! They used to use caviar, and at about the same price too!


  1. Saveur at Far East Plaza | anyhowonly - March 4, 2014

    […] I didn’t try the Angel Hair pasta or take a photo of it. But I have heard about it. Many patrons and bloggers have raved about this dish. Here’s a review of the dish by a fellow wordpress blogger: guiltygoodness’s review of Saveur […]

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