Restaurant Gordon Ramsay

2 Feb

Hello folks! Sorry for having disappeared for so long! So much has happened since I last blogged. I’ve been away, holidaying on another continent, diagnosed with gastrointestinal disorders that prevented me from having even the slightest bit of lactose and alcohol, and trying to readjust from holiday mode to school mode, since school started and has already been hectic. Chinese New Year’s round the corner, and Restaurant Week’s coming up in a few weeks…I guess everyone is in a gastronomical mood!

When I was in London, M and I visited Restaurant Gordon Ramsay – his flagship restaurant at Royal Hospital Road, awarded 3 Michelin stars. I must say it was the most heavenly meal I’ve tasted, and I felt like I was in heaven, for that 1.5 hours of dining.

Upon stepping into the cozy restaurant of about 12 tables, we were welcomed by a battery of waitstaff, who ushered us to our reserved table, and asked us if we’d like a champagne.

On the front page of the menu was a painting of Gordon Ramsay himself, working in the kitchen. Boy, we’d kill to try HIS cooking, although Clare Smyth, his head chef (and first female chef to be awarded 3 Michelin stars), is amazing at what she does.

We weren’t served a break basket, but had a waiter who brought a large tray of 5 different types of ciabattas and focaccias for us to take our pick, every now and then. Among the most memorable were the onion, olive, and potato (my favorite).

Amuse Bouche – Pumpkin Soup with Ricotta Cheese

When this was served, I was intrigued by how it was merely a round of ricotta in the middle of a large round dish, and a long strip of crispy pastry on the side. I loved the presentation. Then, the waiter started pouring pumpkin soup into the bowl, and explaining the dish to us. I loved it even more.

The pumpkin soup was smooth and full of squashed pumpkin goodness, and blended perfectly with the ricotta. The crispy pastry was topped with bits of bacon, pistachio, onion, garlic, and other herbs I could not identify. I wished they had given me two strips of it!

Then came the smoked potato and poached hen’s egg ravioli with pak choi, roast chicken jus and leek velouté. Upon slicing open the large ravioli, the soft boiled egg yolk burst, running into the leek sauce, creating a thick, flavorful gravy for the entire dish. Just like the amuse bouche, the leek sauce was poured in at the table, while the waiter explained the concept of the dish.

The salt cod brandade tartine, noir de bigorre ham, piquillo peppers, olives, confit tomatoes and quail’s egg was a sight to behold. Look at the vibrant colors! The savory ingredients sat atop a piece of crispy thin and slightly sweet pastry – the savory and the sweet blended to create a wonderful experience for the taste buds.

My main course was a spiced free range Devon duck with Swiss chard, beetroot and grilled onions. Fascinating name and wonderfully executed (perfectly seared on the outside and pink on the inside), but this might have been the most “disappointing” course. Technically, it was not at all disappointing, but the other dishes simply stood out more than this one did. This one simply tasted like a Chinese-style spiced duck, because the amongst the spices used by the chef was the Chinese 5-spice.

I absolutely loved the roasted rabbit loin with Bayonne ham, spinach, marjoram, basil, coco bean cassoulet and pickled mustard seed. I thought it was absolutely ingenious to wrap the rabbit in chorizo, blending in the meaty game with the juicy Spanish sausage. The coco bean cassoulet was a wonderful starch-alternative, which I couldn’t stop eating until it was all gone. The most amazing part was the presentation of the pickled mustard seed and herbs as grapes. Too beautiful!

We had a full-bodied red wine which the sommelier recommended to go with our mains, and I must say they complemented each other really well! Pity I forgot the name of the wine.

Before we were served with our desserts, the waitstaff surprised us with a flute of mango-jasmine smoothie, to cleanse our palettes. To date, I can still taste the freshness of the sweet and slightly sour mango, and the scent of the jasmine, blending together to create the most delicious smoothie I’ve ever had.

After the smoothie, the excitement continued – we were served both the tiniest and largest desserts ever served to us in the history of our lives.

Blackcurrant Fennel and Yoghurt Génoise with Violet Sorbet

This was the tiniest dessert I’ve had (the photo is misleading!). At the same time, it was the most refreshing and unique dessert I’ve tasted. It was not technically a genoise, because it was made of layers of jelly and mousse in addition to sponge, but the various usages of the blackcurrant in the cake was mind blowing. The violet sorbet was so light, so thirst-quenching. Who would’ve thought of making violet sorbet? I was dying for more by the time I finished my dessert. Thank God M had a HUGE dessert that required some assistance.

Banoffee Pie Souffle Banana & Salted Caramel Crumble

Seriously, I’ve never seen anything quite so large as this! It was a souffle as wide as a cappuccino mug, standing at about 5 or 6 inches tall! It was a wonderful mix of banana and chocolate and salted caramel, especially at the bottom, where the salted caramel was. On the side we had a vanilla bean ice cream, which was refreshing – perhaps to help us digest the souffle? But yet, the souffle was so large the both of us struggled to finish it!

And after they cleared our dessert plates, we had a smoking cold bowl placed on our table.

It was strawberry ice cream in white chocolate coating. My guess is it was created using nitrous oxide (laughing gas) – it’s the in thing nowadays! You simply drop anything into a pool of laughing gas, and it solidifies in a matter of seconds. I once watched a video where a man dropped an eraser into laughing gas, took it out, and broke it in half!

Anyway, back to the petite four – for the first time in my life, I loved the strawberry ice cream. The white chocolate was too sweet for my liking, though.

The most awesome was of course, this dish of dark chocolate ganache and lychee flavored Turkish delights. If I wasn’t too full by this time, I’d have ordered another dish of this!

To go with the desserts, we ordered, again on the sommelier’s recommendation, a mildly sweet moscato. I loved it so much I remembered the name: Moscato D’Asti 2011. It was so fragrant I couldn’t stop sniffing at it. And it was mildly sweet, with hints of grapefruit. A shout out to dessert wine lovers out there!

After this meal, I seriously question the possibility of having another meal that would ever make me this satisfied and happy.

To conclude, 3 stars from Michelin, 100 spoonfuls from guiltygoodness!

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  1. kellysiew February 3, 2013 at 7:45 pm #

    Everything looks so splendid! Especially the desserts! Should have taken a pic of that egg yolk flowing out, but then again I might actually faint. BTW it should be Liquid nitrogen (which has a super low temp, below freezing point), not Nitrous Oxide.

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